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Vitamin D Deficiency In Elderly People

There are certain health issues at different stages of life. The same way the needs of the body are different for the people with different ages. You need to make a schedule of your routine according to your age and requirement of your body. Old age is linked with some specific requirements and obviously it includes the diet too. The importance of nutrition for senior citizens is actually something that requires the attention of every individual.

Vitamin D deficiency Can decrease the Surviving in Seniors

Unfortunately, it is seen and researched that the deficiency of Vitamin D in older people increases the risk of death. They are more likely to die with this deficiency. There are many reasons behind this deficiency that is quite dangerous. Inadequate contact to sunlight and especially in the winters, lack of nutritive values in the food and reduced synthesis of vitamin D all as a whole play their part in the deficiency. The focus should be on the provision of it in different several ways to overcome this deficiency. It is also very important to increase the intake of vitamin D without having any deficiency in old people because they need in badly due to the situation and the age factor. International unit standard tells that the daily 800 units for old people with age more than 70 years are highly recommended. The deficiency of  this Vitamin  can further cause osteoporosis, weakness of muscles, hip fractures, diabetes, cancer, heart-related diseases and also makes an old person feeling weaker.

Vitamin D

Look For The Solution

We cannot find vitamin D in many foods as we use to find the other nutrients.  It is in fact necessary for the body to engross calcium that further can be helpful for the strength of your bones.  It is a weapon against so many health issues especially those related to the nervous system.

Few natural food items contain vitamin D. The best options are cod liver oil, salmon, beef, cheese and egg etc. Fortified foods are also helpful in provision of this vitamin  like cereals, and juices etc. try to incorporate them in your daily meal. A contact with sunlight is the most easy, inexpensive and natural way to achieve vitamin D. this sun light actually use to convert the cholesterol inside your body into vitamin D. another way of getting vitamin D is to use the supplements available in the market after consulting your doctor. There are many drinks as well which can accomplish your needs of this particular Vitamin. You can’t actually negate them. NutriPlan is also one of the drinks you can use with trust. It’s truly the right nutrition for senior citizens in the form of a drink packed with vitamin D qualities. The family members should participate in the health concerns of elderly people in the family to check out their issues and to further help them out to fix the issues. It includes taking care of the diet as well as the overall general needs.

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