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The Sugar Intake In Children A Dangerous Habit

The intake of added sugar in kids has become a worldwide phenomenon. New researches have shown the significant increase in this ratio that is actually dangerous for the health of the children. Your kid is also the one inclined to sugar intake. There are also many such drink products are also available in the market than the Healthy drinks for Children. The consumption of the sugar is more than the requirement of a body. The childhood obesity is the main issue caused by such excessive intakes. Research has showed that almost 5 to 15 percent of the calories are because of the intake of added sugar. With passing age these children use to take more added sugar.children-suger

The Situational Analysis

It was shown in the research that Preschool-aged boys get 13.5 percent of the calories from the sugar intake. Boys with ages from 6 to 11 years used to consume 16.6 percent of the total calories from the sugar intake. Those with ages from 12 to 19 years used to consume 17.5 percent of the total calories from the sugar intake. On the other side when we talk about girls and their intake of added sugar, the pre-school girls used to consume 13 percent, girls ages from 6 to 11 years used to consume 15.7 percent and the ones ages from 12 to 19 years consumed 16.6 percent of the total calories from the sugar intake.

Let’s Have a Look

The research clearly indicated that income differences have nothing to do with such increased levels of sugar intake. It was also indicated that this sugar intake was mostly in the form of food than drinks. Unfortunately the consumption of this sugar is mostly done at home as we are now trying to focus on sort of the food available in the restaurants. The too much sugar intake is the most common cause of fatness, diabetes, high triglycerides, high levels of cholesterol, heart ailment and many other related issues.

Healthy Drinks For Children

Everyone in the family especially the mother should be aware of the disadvantages of the added sugar. They should try to use more organic and healthy food for the meals. They need to develop healthy habits and activities in their children. When it comes to Healthy drinks for Children, use the right option.

Avoid the packed and processed food items.  You can prepare baked product at home with less sugar and more healthy ingredients.  Make desserts and different salads at home to give a change to the boring eating routine. If someone has to buy any food item, he or she must check out the ingredients list. How much added sugar is there in the product along with the other ingredients? Is there any other element that can be harmful for the family? It’s indeed a responsibility. It is also said in the report that these added sugar levels can increase risks in your kid to increase the sugar levels as well as inflammation along with provision of non-healthy components.

if you want to defeat the childhood obesity and the other disease in your kid , you must avoid the buying of all the unhealthy and more sugary food items.

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