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Health Challenges For Seniors Are Quite Challenging Actually

Health challenges are different for the people with different ages. Few of the researches show that now the quality of life has been improved. Seniors are now living a more comfortable life with much better health conditions. Average age limit is also improving. One reason is the dissemination of knowledge about how to live a better life and the other is the understanding for the need of nutrition for senior citizens. The results are though tremendous but still there is need to change the behaviors and to practice the healthy habits. Few diseases are really challenging for this particular age and every senior person should be aware of them.



Arthritis is the more common disease in the old people. According to a survey, it disturbs 49.7 percent of people with age more than 65.  It actually affects the whole life of a person. Pain is the most disgusting situation for an old male or female. It makes a person inactive and because of this, it becomes difficult to remain physically active. As a whole it can make an old person more sick and unhealthy.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most dangerous disease and cause of death for people with age more than 65 years. Heart disease caused 488,156 deaths in the year 2013 according to a very recent survey report. The ratio of male people is more than female comparatively.  The real issue is that people from this age are not very concerned about the medical condition that can become a real reason for stroke or heart diseases like high blood pressure levels or high cholesterol levels. Such issues can be handling by handling the reasons behind these issues. The quality of life can be improved in the presence of strong commitment and determination.


After hearth disease cancer is the second disease that cause death in people with age more than 65 years.  Total deaths from this disease in 2013 were 407,558 worldwide. Again men were affected more than women. Breast cancer is the one type of cancer mostly seen in women. The beast solution is to go through screening and don’t actually wait for the disease to conquer your body. There are different screening techniques for different types of cancers.  You may not be able to prevent this disease but can try to take some precautionary measures for a better life. Lifestyle changes, change in eating habits; exercise and most importantly intake of essential nutrients can be the real aids.

Lungs or Respiratory Diseases

After heart diseases and cancer lung diseases are the third major reason of death in people with ages more than 65 years.  The deaths were 127,194 in the year 2013.  The death rate is more in women than men.  Asthma is the more common disease-causing troubles for seniors. Bronchitis is also a damaging life of many people in this particular age group. The chronic state of respiratory disease can be dangerous and life-threatening actually. The situation can be more susceptible in pneumonia. Be careful about your health and don’t ignore any health problem no matter how tiny it is.

Nutrition for senior citizens should be the slogan for making life more comfortable, healthy and free from diseases.

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