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Genetic Disorders and Nutritional Drink for Children

Genetic disorders are of many types. We can’t stop them but at least can lessen the risks by giving good diet to our children or to select the nutritional drink for children so they can avoid such genetic disorders.  If a woman is pregnant and she has any disorder it will effects the pregnancy and a well as will affect the health of new born who will inherited it too. If someone is on high Risks that her baby can be born with the defect because of a hereditary irregularity can be more applicable when,

  • Parents already have a child with this genetic disorder.
  • Genetic disorder has linked with the family history
  • Any one of the parents either father or mother has a chromosomal irregularity.
  • The fetus has abnormalities seen on ultrasound.

Types of Genetic Disease

There are several types of genetic diseases such as,

  • Chromosomal Anomalies
  • Defects with Single Gene
  • Multifactorial Problems
  • Teratogenicity Difficulties

What are Chromosomal Abnormalities?

Chromosomal irregularities in a new born may be genetic disorder that one gets from the parents or even can be happen without any previous history or risk factor. Complications can occur from this chromosomal irregularity.   Such problems can further increase the risks of diseases.


In this situation either the amount of chromosomes within body increases or otherwise it decreases. It is actually the loss of balance.

Down Syndrome:

In this Cells contain three #21 chromosomes.

Turner Syndrome:

They contain a single X chromosome or 45 totals.


If a part of this is missing a part of the DNA code is missing.


In this situation, a chromosome breaks down and its piece takes a turn and reconnected itself. They may not cause any birth defect but can put some effects or small complications.


This is a rearrangement of any chromosome section from one place to another.  It can reattach in the same chromosome or any other.

Balanced Translocation:

In this, a DNA is similarly switched between chromosomes, and nothing is misplaced or added.

Robertsonian Translocation:

It is a balanced translocation and the end point of chromosomes is joined.

Do You Know About The Single Gene Disorders?

They are also called the Mendelian inheritance disorders. In this kind of disorder, only one gene is the reason behind any of the defect. Such disorders are more likely to occur genetically.

What is a Teratogenicity Problem?

There are certain materials that can cause oddities in babies. The reason behind many of the birth defects is the exposure of fetus to teratogens during the first trimester of pregnancy when different organs of the new born are developing.

One need to be very much conscious during the pregnancy and should ask your doctor before taking few medicines and keep a strong eye on nutritional drink for children before and after pregnancy .

Avoid Alcohol during pregnancy

Avoid the High level of radiation acquaintance

Be conscious about any infection

How to Figure Out the Genetic Disorders?

A genetic counsellor can better guide a family who has history of genetic disorders.  One can talk about the risk factors. In this way many complications can be solved. One needs to be especially careful about the intakes. Eat food full of nutrients along with nutritional drink for children particularly.

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