The Complete meal in a drink enriched with 26 Vitamins & Minerals

Why Use NutriPlan?

Reasons to Use NutriPlan

As nutritionally enriched milk drink has become indispensable for a healthy body. It is a combination of 13 Vitamins as well as 13 minerals. This drink practically supports the concept of a healthy lifestyle. The healthy components in this balanced drink make it more valuable and preferable.

The Vitamin’s Family:

  • Vitamin A is particularly vital for solidification of immune system that works against infections, use to help vision in blurry light and most importantly for a healthy skin
  • Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in formation of Hemoglobin for the provision of required oxygen to the body
  • Vitamin B12 is essential for the construction of red blood cells and also uses to gather energy after we eat
  • Vitamin C has a role to play in construction of cells and for the strength of the organs of our body
  • Vitamin D regulates the amount of Calcium and Phosphate in the body. These nutrients make our teeth and bones healthy
  • Vitamin E assistances in the protection of cell membranes being an antioxidant.

The Power of Minerals:

  • Copper – a must for the formation of Hemoglobin. It’s also crucial for the growth and development of an infant as well as essential for brain, immune system and last but not the least for resilient of bones
  • Iodine – it has a role to play in production of hormones that normalize the alteration of fat to energy. It also regulates the cholesterol levels within a certain body
  • Chromium – very important for the insulin regulation within a body.

A Glimpse of Macro-minerals:

  • Potassium – essential for the functioning of cells and wheels the equilibrium of fluids in the body
  • Calcium – a must for healthy bones and teeth. Keep one body away from abnormal blood clotting and also controls muscle contraction
  • Chloride – the development of acids in the stomach and intestines cannot be done without the presence of chloride

All of the mentioned nutritional components are very much available in NutriPlan. In short this powerful dietary supplement provides 877kj of energy on per serving and it is approximately 10% of a recommended calories intake for a person per day.

A Balanced Nutrition:

If we have a look at the Contemporary nutritional products they are totally intended to provide a balanced diet to the consumers so that a person is in no need of any further treatments as per the busy life pattern nowadays. It has a strong influence when it comes to the provision of a balanced diet full of all the essential nutritional components. As it is already mentioned earlier that the presence of so many Vitamins, minerals and fibre’s makes NutriPlan a completely healthy and balanced diet that further use to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why Use NutriPlan? 3rd April 2012

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